Develop a personalised content strategy and redesign the ASOS homepage

Lead UI and UX Designer



After conducting interviews in 2020 with our customers, we formulated a hypothesis to customise content for each user and shift the homepage experience towards a product feed.

Collaborating with a Project Manager and engineers, I established experience maps and information architecture for individual components. Subsequently, I created prototypes and developed scripts for remote user interviews. 

The new components underwent validation through this process before being introduced to a limited number of users within the iOS app. Through field testing of each component, we discovered that personalised recommendations performed better than campaign imagery on the ASOS homepage.


In addition to creating homepage components for the current UI, I devised a visual concept that introduced a new design vocabulary. To enhance accessibility and information clarity, I implemented a new grid, larger type, bigger imagery, and increased spacing. All these choices revitalised the ASOS brand aesthetic within their digital experience.
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