Bushpilot. 23

Design & Art Direction

Identity and design for record launch. Full colour sleeve, 12 page booklet, OBI strip and inner sleeve on coloured vinyl. God Unknown Records ︎

’23’ was released nearly three decades after the band had originally recorded the album. You won’t find much about Bushpilot online, or anywhere, save for a videotaped performance and a smattering of Q&As with zines around the early 1990s

I wanted the identity and artwork to feel like something you’d always had in your collection. There was a period of very open, loose exploration and experimentation, where we only used design techniques that were available around the time of the recording. What came out of this was the font choice (Industria) and the technique used to photograph the sleeve.

The 12 page album insert came from another experiment, shifting type design along a horizontal and vertical grid. This system was used on the title screens for the videos and record store poster.

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